we are what we eat

Fueling your body with real, whole foods and working toward eating a rainbow helps provide your body with the essential nutrients to move you toward optimal wellness!  We are what we eat.  Avoid added sugar and processed food filled with toxins, chemical additives and pesticides.  Shop on the periphery at the grocery store, avoiding the middle sections and try out your local farmers' market.  Eat local and organic when possible.  Meal planning and prepping can make this happen!  Instilling the importance of a healthy and well-balanced diet early creates lifelong healthy habits. Cooking together as a family strengthens relationships and create fun memories. Try some of our favorite recipes! Your Bee Well family is here to help and support you on this journey to health for your child and family!

Kid-Friendly Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Tested by the haury girls (Giuliana 10yrs, Adelina 7yrs, and Ofelia 2yrs)